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With Ingrow’s professional Instagram marketing techniques and tools, our team of Instagram managers will target and engage with relevant users round-the-clock. This will drive significant targeted traffic to Your account. Thereby You will gain more attention and more followers, who are interested in Your valuable content. New followers gained from our service are very dedicated as they are targeted based on their personal preferences!

Real People, Real Accounts

Don't be fooled. We're here to create real followers who love your content and make sure they interact properly!

No obligations

You can cancel our Service monthly. But we are sure, you will Love our Service!

Quality Engagement

Our Instagram Managers will follow, like and unfollow to grow your account instantly.


We are always there for you! If you have problems, just contact us via What's App, Telegram or Email. We accompany you on the journey to the perfect Instagram account.

the perfect plan

Just One Plan is what you need! Highly Optimized and Frequently Tested. That’s why our Service is that Low Priced!



Per month

  • Precise Follower Targeting
  • 100% Organic Growth of Your Account
  • Follow Service
  • Unfollow Service
  • Like Service
  • Unlimited Followers

You are not sure yet? 

How does it work?
Boost your Success

We use smart engagement techniques to get people for your account  who are interested in you, your business or project.

Frequently asked questions

Sure, It depends on the uniqueness, quality and content of your account.  Accounts with unique posts and high quality content will reach more followers than others! 

On average, our clients will gain 800 to 1200 new followers per month! 

Yes, they will, because our precision growth targeting will just gain followers who are really interested in what you are doing. So, your followers will be 100% real People. Naturally, this will lead to an increase in engagement (more comments, likes and sales) since these people are actually interested in your account.

Before you complete your Order we will ask you for some targeting informations like a description of your service/product, relevant hashtags, competitor accounts, locations and other informations. Our professional Instagram Managers will use those informations to identify highly relevant users for your Instagram Account.

Absolutely! It is your Account and we will interact in the background. It’s really important that you will continue posting, do Stories and answer the comments under your Content. However, we recommend that you stay away from following and unfollowing in large numbers. 

Once you sign up, we will review your submitted targeting informations and be in contact with you if any additional information is needed. Within 24 hours we will access your account to integrate our services!